"David - During my fifteen years of association management, I have never run across a photographer as professional, organized and flexible as you.  The photos are fantastic. but working with you was even better!"
--- Lisa W.

"David -  It was great to work with you.  The photos are fabulous!  We'll be using several in our promo pieces and on the Web throughout the year.  Thank you for the Orlando trip.  I thought it went great and you were super to work with.  I know the entire staff felt the same way.  You really captured the essence of the meeting."
--- Dianne G.

"David -  These look terrific and I LOVE the candids!  Wow, when you said you could get the BOD to relax and feel comfortable you weren't kidding!"
--- Jennifer R.

"David -  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent way you handled the photo shoot for us at the retirement community.  Not only are the pictures great--and just what I wanted--but also, from an editor's point of view, your flexibility and initiative greatly improved the process.  Everyone at my association is very pleased with the cover photos, and I already have gotten excellent feedback from our readers."
--- Marlene Z-B.

"David -  Just a note to let you know that people were very impressed with how quickly you got these up on the website, as well as the quality of the photos.  Thanks again for the great job and I hope you will respond to our RFP for next year's meeting in Minneapolis."
--- Ann E.